Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Part of My Life

They are part of my life….no one can change or replace them in my heart. I love them with all my heart after my heart mate or my future husband… Walid always said “family first”.

Aba n mama….they are my inspiration….both of always support me even they angry angry with my decision…huhu…’’kak nik sayang mama dan aba’’.

Abe ngoh….always think he handsome man because girl “keliling pinggang".

Abe chik…I donno why he like to take picture like “budak koya semak”.

I wish you all the best and good luck in your SPM exam…do the best for yourself and also for your future life.

And my only one…kak teh…always angry and fighting with me...Also unsatisfied with me…sometimes she always like to be “rock girl”. You think its good for you auni?

And last one…adik a.k.a embun….hehehe

What he want something he always get it…very2 jealous la dear…and I always lost my money..When he gets top three in the exam always ask me to buy anything he wants…. = (

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